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Bringing Back The Black Robed Regiment

Full movie, 1 1/2 hours

Truth in History, Published on Sep 16, 2018
British loyalist Peter Oliver called them the Black Regiment and the British blamed them for stirring up the colonists. They preached politics from their pulpits and some of them actually led the men of their congregations off to war. It cannot be overstated - they were critical to the success of the War for Independence in 1776.

Who were these men? They were America's "patriot preachers" - some of the most outspoken proponents of truth and liberty in 18th century America. Yet, most modern American pastors haven't even heard of them. In this presentation, Oklahoma pastor and State Representative, Dan Fisher, gives a brief history of these Patriot Preachers. Convinced that the Bible impacted every area of life - including politics, these brave pastors stood in their pulpits each Sunday wearing their black robes, preaching from God's Word about spiritual and civil liberty. Because of their willingness to preach the "whole counsel" of God, their congregations were well prepared when the inevitable clash with the British came. Hated by the British who called them the "Black Regiment," these courageous men "laid it all on the altar" for freedom.

Though largely forgotten today, their willingness to lead the men of their congregations onto the battlefields of our War of Independence to defend truth and liberty is one of the most inspiring stories in American history. Without their bold stand and brave deeds, America may never have come to be.

Without an "awakening" in today's pulpit, Dan believes America will not survive. Thus, his clarion call is that it is time, past time, to Bring Back the Black Robed Regiment.

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